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New Report: Small Jewelry with Big Ambitious: Light Stone Jewellery, A Promoter of Chinese Culture Jewellery

Jun 19, 2019

Light Stone Jewellery team initially started this online jewelry business for a simple reason.  The founders are a group of jewelry addicts who are also passionate about Chinese culture and art history. They disappointedly found that on eBay, Amazon, Wish or many other overseas online shopping platforms, most of the "Chinese Jewellery" is either too "old fashioned" from their perspective, or are just copycats of luxury brands' popular collections.

"Poor quality and design", "not suitable for daily wear", "only people who like Chinese culture might be interested", "a bit old fashioned and not cool" – these are the common tags, or "clichés" most people have about Chinse jewelry.

"It is not true! People outside China have too limited accesses to beautiful and cool Chinese jewelry! We want to improve that aspect, open a window, change people’s view, and to discover the beauty together with people all around the world!" Light Stone said.

With such a simple target, Light Stone Jewellery was founded. Light Stone's Chinese name is 轻岩. It was inspired by the name of a town called Qing Yan(青岩) or "Green Stone" in Guizhou Province, China, which is a historical town famous for traditional silver jewelry. Light Stone team was touched by the unique cultural atmosphere of the town when traveling there and decided to name the brand after it. Even the sound of two names are the same, Light Stone changed the "green" Chinese charter into "light", reflecting the philosophy of the brand -- balance. "Most stones are heavy, but they could also be light."


Light Stone has applied its "ABC" strategy to achieve its goal:

A represents "assurance": good quality products and service are the base of any business. Only a brand who wins people's trust will last long. Light Stone promises to customers that they could return products within two months after receiving if there is any quality issue. Without strong confidence in its products, it will not take such a risk.

B represents "beauty": Light Stone believes that there are no real boundaries between traditional and modern, nor between east and west. The real beauty can go beyond time and space. 'The Beauty of Balance' is what Light Stone's slogan. Look at the motto on the other way: The real beauty is "Balance''.  The jewelry collections on its website are sending out such a message by themselves.

C represents "culture": introducing culture meaning and interesting facts behind each piece of jewelry with people is also a goal of Light Stone. "It is usual to use a specific 'imagine' to express a particular meaning in Chinese culture. For example, bamboo, plum flowers, both represents strong willing and braveness in Chinese culture; bat means fortune; deer could bring wealthy. Such imagines are commonly seen in Chinese paintings and also jewelry of course, but not many non-Chinese understand the meaning behind such imagines. We want to share the beauty behind the physical appearance of Chinese jewelry, and also remind people that we don't onlty have dragons, and, haha, pandas!" In addition, its official blog is publishing articles introducing traditional jewelry techniques continuously, which helps readers to know more about the unfamiliar Chinese traditional techniques such as silver filigree, silver enamel(cloisonné), lacquer, engraving, etc.

Light Stone's art culture jewelry has gained huge popularity already. Especially in Europe such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.  

"One day, a customer sent us an email, saying:

'Hi Light Stone! … everything was delivered and was much admired appreciated…The cloisonné earrings and ring were a present for my 8 years old niece, she was delighted and the butterflies look lovely.'

Can you believe that? An 8-year-old little girl 10000km away is wearing earrings and ring that were made by a traditional Chinese technique of more than 600 years old. We feel full of joy. To achieve such beauty is precisely our goal."

Light Stone's ambitious is not only limited to online business. The team is also already talking to local crafters and artists for opening "Light Stone Workshop", which will become DIY experience centers of making Chinese jewelry. In the not far away future, you will see in Paris, London, New York, Milan, and other places in the world, beautiful jewelry shops of Chinese artisan jewelry, and old or young Chinese crafters working on jewelry behind the glass, together with local customers, discovering the oriental beauty.

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