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Five Best Ways to Buy High-Quality Chinese Traditional Jewelleries Online

Feb 28, 2019

China is a country with thousands of years of history, and so is its jewelry. As China has gained more attention in the worldwide, more and more people start to look into its culture, language, and history. Meanwhile, Chinese elements are also catching people’ eyes from fashion point, especially the traditional techniques in making clothes, jewelry.  Some Chinese fashion brands combined with traditional culture have caught people’s attention these years, such as SHANGXIA, who has become a sub-brand of Hermes, also like Qeelin, which is famous for its Wulu Collection. However, if you are looking for some traditional high quality and culture rich Chinese or accessories with reasonable price, these high-ended luxury brands may not be your first choices. Today, I will introduce five best ways to buy high-quality traditional jewelry online.


1.    Taobao

Taobao, which means “digging treasures” in Chinese is the world's biggest e-commerce website. People believe that you can find almost everything on Taobao. However, this website was mainly used by the Chinese. Taobao launched World Taobao in 2017, and provide delivery service to 10 countries/regions including China mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and Japan.

The shortcomings of Taobao world are that:

-Main language is Chinese

-Limited choice of products. Not every Taobao sellers are on World Taobao. If you searched for “Chinese ring,” not many results will be presented.

-Transportation fee: unless you have an agreed solution with the seller directly (which will be difficult without speaking Chinese), the transportation fee will be charged later when the products arrived in the transportation hub. Thus, it is not clear how much you will cost for a product for transportation.


2.    Ali Express

Ali Express belongs to the same company as Taobao, Alibaba Group. This website targeted in oversea C to C e-commerce trading. It provides an excellent platform for Chinese producers to find individual oversea buyers. If you search for “Chinese Jewelry/Jewellery” or “Chinese ring,” you will find thousands of results that can be as cheap as 0.1 USD and as expensive as 10,000USD.

The pity is most jewellery on Ali Express are more factory made and share similar designs. It is not easy to find artisan designed Chinese jewelry on Ali Express.


3.    Online overseas shopping websites such as Wish and Amazon

You can find thousands of different Chinese pieces of jewelry on Wish and Amazon of course. Most people’s imagination of Chinese jewelry comes from typical Chinese patterns such as dragon, Taiji, buddha, etc. It is also what you will find on such big shopping websites. Even with thousands of choices, most of them look similar in a way; it is not easy to find exceptional designed items that will fit your daily fashion wear.


4.    Etsy

Etsy, as a website focusing on handmade or vintage items, could be one of the best choices if you are searching for beautiful Chinses(or other ethnic ) jewelry and art pieces. Even many of the items being sold are still in the “cliché” mode of old fashioned Chinese patterns mentioned above, better-designed items with traditional skills, such as vintage jewelry made by turquoise, red coral, cloisonne techniques, etc. are easy to find on Esty.


5.    Online fashion brands/ collectors

Nowadays, there are more online fashion websites such as Light Stone Jewellery who are focusing on discovering beautiful Chinese jewelry and introduce them to the world. Such sites take massive efforts on selection procedure first, to make sure the items have passed “fashion taste” test and with high quality. Meaning, when you are wearing such items, no one would feel they have conflicts with your everyday fashion outfits. Most of such website also deliver worldwide for free, which ease the shopping processes very much.


I hope this article is useful for you in searching for cool Chinese jewelry. I believe you will be amazed by the charm of traditional Chinese jewelry when you find the right ones.

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