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Pingyao Lacquer Bracelet - Tortoiseshell Brown

Pingyao Lacquer Bracelet - Tortoiseshell Brown

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    Pingyao lacquer is a traditional Chinese lacquerware produced in Pingyao, Shanxi Province. With a history of more than 600 years, it was listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 1997. The technique of making Pingyao lacquer is very delicate and time-consuming, involving over 30 processes and taking several months to complete a single piece.

    The raw material for Pingyao lacquer is natural lacquer harvested from lacquer trees, which is then repeatedly applied and polished to create a beautiful and durable finish. The patterns on the lacquerware are typically created using a technique called "carving and inlaying", where patterns are carved into the surface of the lacquerware and filled with contrasting colored materials such as jade, agate, or silver wire.

    Pingyao lacquerware is known for its intricate and detailed designs, delicate texture, and glossy finish. The finished product is resistant to water, fire, and acid, and can last for centuries. Because of its beauty and durability, Pingyao lacquerware was highly valued in ancient times and was often used as a tribute to the imperial court. Today, it is still highly prized as an art form and an important part of China's cultural heritage.


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Pingyao Lacquer Bracelet - Tortoiseshell Brown
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