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Lucky Clouds -Burning Blue Cloisonne Moon Stone Ear Stud

Lucky Clouds -Burning Blue Cloisonne Moon Stone Ear Stud Item NO: 984516

USD$ 45.00

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  • Size: 24*25mm
  • Stone Size:3mm
  • Traditional Technique Used: Beijing/Silver Enamel 烧蓝/珐琅
  • Culture/Technique Original Region: Beijing
  • Main Material: Sterling Silver (925 Silver)
  • Stone Type: Moon Stone
  • Occasions for Wear: Daily Wear;Evening;Gift ;Event
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Product Name Lucky Clouds -Burning Blue Cloisonne Moon Stone Ear Stud
Item NO 984516
Weight 0.0054 kg = 0.0119 lb = 0.1905 oz
Category Earrings > Enamel/Cloisonné Earrings
Brand Light Stone
Creation time 2018-01-01

Cloisonné - Silver Enameling 烧蓝


Silver enameling (烧蓝)is a traditional Chinese enameling technique of Beijing region. This technique is categorized into the Chinese Cloisonne (景泰蓝 Jintai Blue)which was originally rooted from enameling skills from middle Asian in Ming Dynasty. 

The technique was first created in the Qing Dynasty(1636-1912) to imitate the color of kingfisher feather, which was widely used in Qing Dynasty for luxury jewelry. The Kingfisher Craft (点翠)  was too brutal and was forbidden in the end, when Silver Enameling was born.

The base of Silver Enameling is silver as it showed in its name which makes it different from normal Cloisonne technique which use cooper as base in most cases.

Lucky Clouds in Dunhuang Painting

Clouds, sometimes referred to as "auspicious clouds" (xiangyun 祥云), represent the heavens and also "good luck" because the Chinese word for cloud (yun 云) is pronounced the same as yun (运) meaning "luck" or "fortune".Its form often resembles the auspicious shape of the lingzhi "fungus of immortality".The cloud is a commonly seen design and when repeated in a pattern symbolizes never-ending fortune.

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