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Old Silver Ear Stud - Green Jade Bat

Old Silver Ear Stud - Green Jade Bat Item NO: 907318

€ 31.90
  • traditional Chinese technique old silver ear studs

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Product Name Old Silver Ear Stud - Green Jade Bat
Item NO 907318
Weight 0.0031 kg = 0.0068 lb = 0.1093 oz
Category Earrings > Stone Earrings(Jade/Agate/Chalcedony)
Tag enamel jewelry , enamel earrings , cloisonné jewelry , cloisonné earrings , silver earrings , filigree earrings , forest , jade
Brand light stone
Creation time 2019-04-20

Name: Old Silver Ear Stud - Green Jade Bat
Category: Earrings
Weight(kg) 0.0031
Height: ~1.1CM
Width: 1.5CM
Dimention(Inner): /
Dimention(Outside): /
Traditional Technique Used: Engraved Chisel 錾刻 . .
Culture/Technique Original Region: Beijing
Main Material: Sterling Silver (925 Silver) . .
Stone Type: Jade
Culture Meaning of the Pattern: Bats - Bat  is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu 蝠) sounds identical to the word for good fortune(fu 福) making bats a popular Chinese rebuses . . .
Occasions  for Wear: Daily Wear Evening . .
Additional Notes: /

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