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Goldfish - Burning Blue - Cloisonne Pearl Earrings

Goldfish - Burning Blue - Cloisonne Pearl Earrings

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    Goldfish were introduced to China from ancient Rome and have been bred for their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes ever since. They are often depicted in art and literature as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. A popular Chinese idiom "年年有余" (nián nián yǒu yú) references the abundance that the goldfish represents, and is often used to wish for a surplus of good luck and prosperity in the new year.

    In addition to their cultural significance, goldfish are also popular as pets and can be found in many homes and gardens. They are beloved for their playful nature and soothing presence, and have inspired many artists to create stunning works of art that capture the beauty and grace of these aquatic creatures.

  • About Silver Enameling(烧蓝)

    Silver enameling (烧蓝) is a traditional Chinese enameling technique that originated in the Beijing region. This technique is a type of Chinese Cloisonne (景泰蓝 Jintai Blue) that was first developed during the Ming Dynasty, drawing on enameling skills from the Middle East.

    In the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), the technique was refined to imitate the rich blue-green color of kingfisher feathers, which were prized for their beauty and used extensively in luxury jewelry. However, due to the cruelty of the Kingfisher Craft (点翠), the use of actual feathers was eventually banned, leading to the development of Silver Enameling as a substitute.

    Unlike traditional Cloisonne techniques, which typically use copper as a base, Silver Enameling uses silver, as its name suggests. This not only gives the finished product a unique look and feel but also makes it more valuable due to the higher cost of silver. Experience the rich history and exquisite beauty of this traditional Chinese craft with our collection of Silver Enamel jewelry, crafted using the finest materials and techniques.

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Goldfish - Burning Blue - Cloisonne Pearl Earrings
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Customer Reviews



Bought these for the missus for Christmas. Oh she was well chuffed with them. They are good quality and arrived in good time.


Exceptional craftsmanship and beauty. I am impressed and look forward to wearing these more often. If you are allergic to inexpensive jewelry, coat the contact surfaces with clear nail polish first so that you can enjoy these lovelies.


I came to this site for these earrings only but I have to admit that I decided to purchase more products than only this. Delivery to the UK was quick, they updated me every day and the jewelleries came in beautiful packaging. These earrings are so pretty! They will be perfect for a fancy night out as they look very elegant. The product is of very good quality, neat, shiny and I am super happy that I found this seller. Will definitely empty my bank account as there are soooo many more gorgeous things on here.
Service:Dear Milda, you really make our day! Support and trust from our customers give us a real motivation to work harder on this business. come back to visit us often! Light Stone Team


I ordered the Goldfish-Burning Blue (White) earrings and they are gorgeous! The details in the fishtail are intricate and the earrings are good quality. I appreciated the careful padded packaging. The product itself came in a cute pouch and box with a little bit of cloth for polishing. I received daily progress emails while they were being shipped. The earrings are not too heavy and look wonderful against my black hair. Love them!
Service:Dear Gwen, So happy to hear that from you. We hope to see you back very soon! Light Stone Team


The package came nicely shipped and the ear rings were in perfect condition. I have worn them several times since purchasing and they have not rusted or changed the color of my skin around my ears like other copper metals have. I love my purchase!
Service:Thank you so much for your feedback. Dear Rachel, We are so happy to hear that! Hope to see you back very soon! Light Stone Team

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